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One Swedish Word You Need to Know: Fika

Knowing basic Swedish starts with the word Fika. It is an event. I was able to witness this cultural phenomenon even in my first week in Sweden. It is basically “coffee break” with some food/snacks next to it but they have a cultural tie to this.

They don't ask you if you want to get a coffee, they ask you if you want to have a Fika. It is actually cute. They even have a song about it

A week ago I met this Canadian guy, Jacob, in Uppsala. He is an exchange student and my friend Anika and I showed him what a Swedish fika looks like. It was a bit hard because he was allergic to gluten but we still enjoyed it.

Anyway let's look at some traditional fika desert


I don't understand how Swedish people act like it is something they created while it is literally just cinnamon buns and it is everywhere around Europe!


I am not even going to explain this. If you like this, we cannot be friends.

By the way, the name of the desert is literally “vacuum cleaner.” You can call Swedish people “cold”, distant but they're definitely creative.


I don't know if they eat this at fika because I only saw it at birthday parties. Nothing special but a nice one.

There are many pastries or snacks but I can say these are the ones I have thoughts on. Anyway if you want to experience this culture Fika is the way!

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