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I'm into awesome moments !

Hi everyone,

I'm Elisa Pistone, 23 years old, transgender girl, I was born in Milan but I've been living in

Monza for about 3 years. I am currently in Sweden as a volunteer with awesome people.

I attended a professional agricultural school up to the fourth year of high school which I then

left at the beginning of 2019 after encountering various difficulties.

Later I had several work experiences that taught me enough from a working point of view but that never excites me , which made me feel the need to find something that I'm really passionate


During the last year I understood that I wanted to have an experience abroad, possibly as a

volunteer, which would last at least a year and so I started looking for some ESC projects that

might interest me.

Finally, thanks to a friend , I got to know Awesome People !

I arrived on November 21st and was greeted by Fredrik with a beautiful and unexpected hug.

The first few days were very intense for me because I was not used to speaking and

listening to English 24 hours a day, because I had to learn a lot of information in a short time.

And finally because I arrived just when Awesome People was hosting a meeting, the Meet-Up, with many other ESC volunteers from all over Sweden.

About 20 people all in the same house sharing moments of fun and various knowledge

activities: we talked, played, laughed, prepared typical Swedish Christmas dishes and had a

barbecue in the middle of the woods.

For me it was also very useful to start getting into the mood of the association.

After the Meet-Up, the time has come for me to get used to the new daily routine.

It wasn't too complicated because I'm really appreciating where I live and I'm finding the

work environment very positive and stimulating.

This first month has gone really well, I'm having a great time with the other volunteers and I think we will be able to become a wonderful group.

Personally I felt very welcomed and helped by everyone and this makes me really happy.

It's not a foregone conclusion. I can't wait to experience the next few weeks, the new year looks very interesting and exciting.

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