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Air of Freedom

This week started with another big step in my life.

For the first time in my life, I spent an entire day as myself.

Monday morning, before leaving for work, I put on a black dress, a gray top, some tights, a push-up bra and my pink wig.

Pelin accompanied me on the way to the office because I feel safer with them next to me.

It was an incredible day, I was constantly in a whirlwind of emotions including a lot of anxiety, fear that something would happen but also a lot of happiness, pride and fulfilment.

Once I got to the office I finally calmed down a little and felt at ease because I know I'm in a safe place there.

Since I arrived here in Sweden I've made many steps forward in my social transition: I've officially come out even with people I've just met, I've started experimenting with make-up and clothes that I like, trying more and more not to care about it what others might think.

Obviously, I had to find the strength to do all these things within myself, but a large part of the credit for these results also goes to Awesome People.

Here I immediately understood that I was in a safe and inclusive place, where I can feel free to express myself as I am and as I want to be.

They pay attention to pronouns, there are blankets and rainbow flags and they continually encourage you to be yourself.

Before arriving here I expected to simply find myself in a place that would accept me and instead here I am also in a place where I can fulfill myself.

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