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4 months in sweden , a look back at 2022 !

My journey in Sweden started last September. I was off to live in a new country for the first time in my life. I still remember my pounding heartbeats in excitement when I landed at arlanda airport after a long trip .

I knew that the time to take this jump and to welcome the adventure has come !

The first period here was so exciting : school visits , first time experiences ,road trips, new friendships !

We had our first trips with awesome people to vaxjo and gotland .

we had pleasant warm days there where we enjoyed our time cycling , exploring , sightseeing , creating and sharing memorable moments .

What I enjoyed most during that fall season was nature ! nature here is incredibly beautiful and vibrant with colors ! I wasn’t sure whether I’d love it in winter , but in autumn , it was a great place to be !

But , With a new country , a new experience , comes also new challenges!

Coming from Tunisia , I have lived my entire life in a warm cool sunny weather.

As The days were getting shorter, darker and colder , it was getting harder for me to cope with the lack of daylight .

When I first encountered shorter days, I felt sleepy around 4 to 5 pm and when I woke up I thought it was midnight but it was actually around 7 am , it was really challenging to adapt to all of these weather changes in the beginning.

The month of December in sweden was dark , however the streets were lit by, white festive lights,candlelights and snow !

Everything looks brighter , more beautiful when it's covered in snow !

I still remember the first time when I opened my door and saw the flakes flying in the air. There was something so magical about the first snow fall ! I may have seen snow before but experiencing while it's happening for the first time was a totally different feeling : definitely much beautiful and exciting !

so , that was one my "firsts" : my first snowfall experience.


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