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Start date: 2019-08-01

End date: 2020-01-18

Location: Örebro - Sweden




To create a positive societal change in Örebro region and empower an inclusive society driven by solidarity where Awesome People as part of the civil society is a crucial factor.


Learning Objectives


  • Developing the volunteer's competencies (skills, knowledge, attitude) in youth work especially working with young people from an immigrant background

  • Developing volunteer's communication skills in mother and foreign languages, also indirect and inter-cultural communication skills;

  • Raising volunteer's awareness on Swedish cultural diversity and on the reality that Swedish young people are facing nowadays;

  • Fostering the volunteer's confidence and independence in decision-making through the experience of closely working with activities and campaigns focusing on volunteering and active citizenship - fostering teamwork skills in an intercultural context; - developing the volunteer's professional skills in preparing, running, and evaluating various types of entrepreneurial, non-formal and creative activities that have objectives to be educational and to raise solidarity - to give an opportunity to be involved in the NGO field and foster his/her understanding of the European Union and European programs available.




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