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Utbildningar och föreläsningar för dig som privatperson, ideell, offentlig eller privat

Vi har flertalet utbildningar i olika ämnen såsom entreprenörskap, studieteknik, motivation, där vi jobbar med non-formal learning (aktivt lärande) som metod. Kolla in våra olika utbildningar/workshops och anmäl ditt intresse! Vi kickar igång utbildningar löpande efter intresse, så se till att dina kompisar anmäler sig också


Läs mer om våra utbildningar. Skicka in en intresseanmälan så återkommer vi med ett offertförslag. 


Eda Ileri

"We enjoy collaborating with Awesome People because together with their team of enthusiastic youth and youth educators they form a unique bunch. It is partly because of them we have been able to set up projects where we spread our knowledge to other youth educators. Not only is the quality of the projects they set up very high, it is also very heartwarming. They don’t just send out information for others to absorb, but also listen, practice, discuss and want to learn in return. The value of that kind of dedication, reciprocity, and openness is immeasurable."


Pavel Vasilljev

"I enjoy collaborating with Awesome People because they make you feel like home every time when you come to Örebro! Awesome people always bring a lot of positive energy with them to international projects and it is always a pleasure to have their teams involved! Oh... And I must mention the cakes... the cakes that Fredrik's mom makes are incredible!"

Ana del Valle

"We enjoy collaborating with Awesome People because we share the same values and it is always nice to find people who really love to care for other people and being creative and share ideas and actions to improve our communities."

nedladdning (1).png

Cristina Goroneanu

"We enjoy working with Awesome People since our growing partnership started in 2014 when the founders of both organizations, Cristina & Karin met in Gothenburg. We have a common aim to help youth from disadvantaged backgrounds and we use coaching as a working method. Awesome People is a reliable partner doing reliable projects and quality work and working with Sweden, a Nordic country is an interesting experience for us."


Paula Beudean

“We enjoy collaborating with Awesome People because it is the kind of organization you can count on and you know that they will never let you down. I also admire how they empower young people, how they let them try out things and take the lead.”

Vedat Sevincer

"There are very few organizations which fulfill the legacy of its name, Awesome. We have been cooperating with Awesome People since 2018 and each time their dedication, energy and modesty, and competence they bring to our projects make us want to do more work with them. They have great ideas and professionalism and when we work with them, we have no doubt if things will work or not."

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