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To Be A Person Is To Be A Story


Start date: 2019-05-01

End date: 2019-10-31

Location: Örebro - Sweden

"I have always been an ambitious and goal-oriented girl, but the driving force came above all from what I experienced in my previous life in Iran. In Iran, I got to experience life in a completely different way than children who grew up here in Sweden. As an Afghan student in Iran, I had a lot of obstacles and problems in front of me. For example, I heard insulting words daily from people on the streets and even from teachers at school. Voices that said in my ear that I can not succeed in anything in life just because I was not like them. Now I stand here, in front of Örebro Castle and celebrate my student day. The feelings are indescribable! I'm definitely the happiest girl in the world. There are many who came to congratulate and they are all impressed with my success. Studying high school in another language and having the highest grade in almost all subjects while working alongside my studies was a big challenge, but I succeeded and even received this year's scholarship for my achievement and very well completed schooling. Overcoming difficult challenges makes me want to cope even more. I participated in various integration projects that worked with the establishment of newly arrived young people. I have collaborated with Enter Sweden, Region Örebro County and Awesome People in their various projects. Thinking that I am on the right track gives me hope and motivation. I will start university this spring and study for a master's degree. Then I will realize all my plans that I have in my life. I am passionate about girls' rights and integration. I do not know what I want to do but I am sure that I will not only work as an engineer but as a social change maker. ”

- Zahras story in the campaign #100storiesorebro


To reduce discrimination and prejudices against people connected to different labels and stereotypes and increase awareness of these people's situation and broaden the perspectives of people's identity and story.


  • Collect 100 stories from people in Örebro to promote the Human Library

  • Arrange a Human Library in Örebro

  • The activities should have reduced prejudices among participants


To look at the 100 stories collected, check out #100storiesorebro 


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