Secret Code For Active Citizenship


Start date: 2020-04-01

End date: 2022-05-30

Location: Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Romania

"Before you walk into the room you are given an Ipad where you see the end of democracy as you know it, you get a USB to keep safe - your mission is to exchange this master plan and you have 30 minutes before the man who holds the master plan boards his plane. You must find the codes to open up his suitcase and complete your mission"

- Intro of one of the educational escape rooms Awesome People developed in the project Secret code for active citizenship giving an introduction to the pillars of democracy





Our main aim with the project is to help youngsters to better understand the concept of active citizenship in order to become valuable members of their communities. At the same time, through our project, we will provide youth workers with valuable, innovative educational tools – i.e. escape room kits and active citizenship training program – meant to improve their ability to train youngsters on topics related to active citizenship.


  • promote the exchange of good practices among NGOs and other local entities;

  • create an innovative Change Makers Training Experience and mobile escape rooms kits, addressing active citizenship in youth;

  • increase the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship in youth at a local/global level;

  • foster active participation and active citizenship in society;

  • contribute to the sense of belonging as European Citizens and motivate participants to learn more about the EU, creating a European Network;

  • invest in the capacity building of youth workers promoting high-quality work and innovative methods of reaching out to youth using escape rooms.

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Project manager
Educational escape room expert



Project manager
Educational escape room expert