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Good to know before coming to Sweden part 2

Here you find some additional few things you should be aware of before you start:

3. Language: Talar du Ssvenska ???

While many Swedes speak English, Swedish is the official language, and it may be helpful to know some basic phrases. If you are volunteering in a local community, it may also be useful to learn some Swedish to better connect with those around you.

4.Weather : Winter is Coming !!!

Sweden has a cold climate, especially in the winter months. If you are volunteering during this time, make sure to pack warm clothing(also it is cheaper in other countries) and be prepared for snowy and icy conditions.

5. No cash around : We accept you but we don't accept cash :p

Sweden is a country that has been at the forefront of cashless transactions for several years now. In fact, the country is moving towards becoming the world's first cashless society. This means that the use of cash is becoming increasingly rare,(you can not pay with cash in public transportation and some shops ) so it’s good that you have some Crona credit in your bank card to use it here.

In conclusion, volunteering in Sweden can be a great way to give back to the community, gain new experiences, and make a difference. By being aware of these key things before you start, you'll be better prepared for a successful and meaningful volunteer experience.

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