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Portable Youth Hub 2.0

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Start date: 2020-09-01

End date: 2021-08-31

Location: Örebro – Sweden


“It's very exciting to be part of Awesome People… especially for me, it's an interesting thing to do Escape room that I had not heard of or seen before. I feel very happy and I want to continue to do more things and play more escape rooms, I think it's great fun!

- Moktarama, a participant in Portable Youth Hub who creates her own educational escape room about the environment




The overall aim of the project is to increase young people's independent organization through Portable Youth Hub where more young people know what opportunities there are to create their own projects - locally, nationally and internationally and receive support in creating and running their own projects.




  • Create a concept for Portable Youth Hub with a toolbox in the form of various exercises to go from idea to finished project that is spreadable.

  • Inform at least 600 young people about the possibilities in the Portable Youth Hub

  • At least 60 active young people in the Portable Youth Hub - who carry out a project process

  • At least 75% of the participants experience increased participation and competence for an independent organization in the form of running their own projects

  • At least 6 realized projects

Have a look at the developed method material we created in the project!






Project manager



Project manager

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