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Portable Youth Hub

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Start date: 2018-12-22

End date: 2019-12-21

Location: Örebro, Frövi, Kopparberg - Sweden

When I first got involved in the project I thought of it more as a joke and something to do with my friends besides sitting on the sofa. When time passed by and I started to see what I actually could do and that I myself actually had the powers to do soo I got very excited and I really involved myself in it with my friend. Together (but mostly me) we created a youth exchange to get youngsters from all over Europe to come to my home town and talk about culture and cook food. 

- Participant in Portable Youth Hub Frövi



The overall purpose of the project is to increase children and young people's independent organization through Portable Youth Hub where more young people know what opportunities there are to create their own projects - locally, nationally and internationally and receive support in creating and running their own projects.


  • Create a concept for Portable Youth Hub

  • Visit at least 6 different leisure centers and implement the Portable Youth Hub, which means information about various opportunities such as Erasmus +, European Solidarity Corps, grants, etc. as well as a process with workshops to go from idea to finished project.

  • Inform at least 100 young people about the possibilities in  Portable Youth Hub

  • At least 40 active young people in Portable Youth Hub - who carry out a project process

  • At least 4 completed projects






Project manager



Project manager

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