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Plan B(e) Empowered

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Start date: 2018-04-30

End date: 2019- 09-30

Location: Örebro - Sweden

Do you have a plan b? this is a question you can ask yourself and I will guarantee you that you will say "no I don't" Many people do not have it and even less the ones that are forced to flee from their homes and countries.

"When I attended the plan b activity that Awesome People created it was life-changing for me to see that I can create a possibility from something bad to something good. That I can achieve very much in life if I just plan for it and take the time to do so. To go from despair and chaos to hope and feeling happy like they made me feel at Awesome People during the course made me think of a future." - Participant Plan B



The aim of the initiative is to create a forum for asylum seekers to be "empowered" - by sharing information and gaining knowledge in areas that participants can benefit from regardless of whether they receive a residence permit or not - a plan B - with a focus on employability, lifelong learning, and empowerment. The aim is also to strengthen the mental health of asylum seekers through meaningful activity.


  • Design a Plan B course with different modules that are adapted for the target group of asylum seekers

  • Train at least 40 participants in the Plan B method during the project period

  • Participants express increased knowledge, increased motivation, and increased good mental health after participation






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Workshop leader


Workshop leader
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