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Fokus Jämställdhet


Start date: 2016-12-01

End date: 2017-12-31

Location: Kopparberg, Örebro - Sweden

While working with a group of asylum seekers, testing our developed method material in social orientation with active learning and gender equality perspective we received the following e-mail: "The reason I am writing to you is just to tell you how amazing you are. I do not know what you work with or how you do it (should read more on your website) but I have a Patient that I met on several occasions and now he has been in contact with you and he has changed completely. From his suicidal thoughts to having a complete desire for life and everything else next to it. So continue what you do because you do it in the best way and it has an effect." - Franck Mahoro, Mental Health Counselor, Mobile Asylum Team


The initiative aims primarily to facilitate the establishment in society for asylum seekers by offering interactive societal information with a focus on gender equality. Through exercises, discussion and reflection, the participants gain an increased awareness of the society they have come to, which will facilitate the establishment in the society.


  • A method material with a focus on gender equality has been created, tested, and translated into different languages

  • At least 3 male role models with different languages must have been involved in the use of the material

  • At least 50 people must have participated in workshops where the material has been tested

  • At least 70% of the participants must feel that the effort has facilitated the establishment in society

  • A project film has been created that can be used in marketing the project and the method material








Project manager / Trainer



Project manager / Trainer

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