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Start date: 2020-05-03

End date: 2022-05-02

Location: Sweden, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Turkey


“One of the first activities we did in the project was to map good practices of youth work connected to intercultural dialogue and peacebuilding. This work alone gave us a lot of insights on what we still need to improve in youth work to implement more qualitative practices which can be considered best practices according to our criteria. We have also gained a lot of inspiration by our monthly presentations of good practices.”

– Karin, project manager




EXPLORE: Motivating Youth into Intercultural Dialogue” - aims to support the capacity building of youth workers and invest in the quality in youth work, by developing and sharing effective methods (storytelling, gamification, intercultural local encounters, and creative communication) in reaching out to young people and work on intercultural competences in order to prevent intolerance among youth, engaging them in an intercultural dialogue mindset and strengthening knowledge and acceptance of diversity.




  • Invest in the capacity building of youth workers on intercultural competencies and youth motivation promoting high-quality work and innovative methods of reaching out to Youth;

  • Learn, adapt and develop knowledge, competencies, and tools to work on diversity, intercultural learning, and intercultural dialogue, using a creative methodology like local intercultural encounters/immersion experiences, gamification, storytelling, among others;

  • Promote the exchange of good practices regarding ICC training and youth work among public/private partners from 5 countries, strengthening cross-cooperation;

  • Broaden the definition of culture, youth motivation, and intercultural learning crossing approaches of public/private entities, addressing stereotypes and misunderstandings;

  • Strengthening the strategy of communication to the target group, through an exchange of good practices between public bodies, cooperatives, and small-medium size organizations

  • Contribute to the sense of belonging, as European Citizens and motivate participants to learn more about EU through transnational workforce and mobilities;







Project manager

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