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European Activist Factory


Start date: 2019-03-01

End date: 2019-12-31

Location: Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Romania, Norway, Spain


Raise the level of active citizenship among young people by training them in social activism, campaigning and providing space for creating Europe-wide social campaigns on the topics of youth participation, human rights, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, inclusion of refugees, strengthening civil society and recognition of volunteering.


  • To further develop competences of youth leaders related to social activism and campaigning by
    taking part in an international training course on the topic.

  • To provide youth leaders with tools related to social activism and campaigning and support their application throughout the work plan.

  • To raise awareness about important social issues in members’ local communities and in the wider European community given our links within Shokkin Group International and outside the network.

  • To create a sense of belonging to the European community amongst young people involved in the campaigns at both local and international levels.

  • To strengthen the links between members within the network and increase operational
    capacity on a Europe wide scale, by creating space for organizations to implement common
    activities and evaluate results. SGI is an international network composed of youth NGOs
    across Europe. All our members actively workng and storytelling tools.



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