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Are you a DiscoverEU traveler and looking for an opportunity to discover Sweden, meet new people and at the same time get an experience of a lifetime?



18 Aug 2023 – 21 Aug 2023, Örebro-Kopparberg - Kloten, Sweden

Citylife, historical sights and wonderful nature!

Join us in the Örebro region and get to see the city life of Örebro, the city also known as the heart of Sweden, and the charming rural village of Kopparberg! Why should you want to meet up in Örebro and Kopparberg? Get to know the castle of Örebro - voted the most beautiful castle in Sweden, Örebro city park with Wadköping- the historical part of Örebro and the magical village of Kopparberg with historical buildings, and wonderful nature! We would like you to get to know some fellow travelers, and local people and try out some activities provided by the local youth organization Awesome People. Play educational escape rooms, participate in treasure hunts, and more. We invite you to spend three nights in Awesome People house in Kopparberg, eat lunch with a breathtaking view of Örebro, go for some adventure in the Swedish forest, share stories and spend quality time. Accommodation, food, and activities will be covered during the meet-up.

Dates: 18.08.2023 arrival at 11.00 AM until 21.08.2023 departure after breakfast between 07.00 AM to 10.00 AM.

Meeting point: Järntorget, Örebro 11.00 AM 18.08.2023 (Örebro is located 2h west of Stockholm)



Educational escape rooms, lunch with a view, adventure park...

For DiscoverEU travelers and DiscoverEU ambassadors the food, accommodation, and activities are free of charge.


Activity program

Friday 18th August 2023 Örebro

11.00 Get to know each other
Treasure Hunt Örebro

13.30 Lunch at Svampen

16.00 - Educational Escape rooms: Opportunities in Erasmus+ and ESC

19.30 Dinner at local restaurant

21.53 Train to Kopparberg

Saturday 19th August 2023 Kopparberg

10.00 Treasure Hunt Kopparberg

12.30 Lunch in the forest

15.00 Educational escape rooms: ESCAPE the phobia

18.00 Bowling

19.00 Dinner at the local pub

20.30 Board game evening

Sunday 20th August 2023 Kloten

10.00 Kloten adventure park

19.00 Pizza-night

20.30 Storytelling


Monday 21st August 2023 Kopparberg

07.00 - 10.00 Departures

If you are interested to join this meet-up and have questions, please send us an email!


More details about the Meet-up here: link for PDF

Check out our social media: #awesomepeoplese

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