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Start date : 06-03-2023

End date : 14-03-2023

Location : Pontevedra ,Spain

CuriosityTech Youth Exchange was even a success from the very first evening since everyone was already too eager to get to know each other. But on our first activity day we started with getting to know each other since there were many participants from Spain, Sweden, Malta, Italy and Greece. We were divided into heterogeneous groups and learned about each other more with games and creating a small presentation about the group we were in. 


Then, learning about the Wordpress process had begun. The organizers brought us together with many people who are on the top of the WordPress world. We listened to their inspiring stories and how they have found web design. This process took two days with many different presenters. 

After learning the basics about creating a web design we were able to meet four different local NGOs and projects. As the whole group we have listed how they are contributing to their local society. The NGOs/projects were:

  • Mercado de la Tía Ni

  • Casas Indianas

  • Aldea Cubelos

  • Casa do Pobo


The participants selected their own strengths to create their groups. Ever group had:

  • Leader

  • Graphic Designers x2

  • Content Creator

  • Web Designer

  • Energy Person


After participants took their own strengths, we were divided into four groups. Each of the groups would represent and create a website for the NGO or the project they were assigned to. We were able to visit or meet people who were in charge of these local projects so we would have an inside look at these projects.

Between amazing culture nights and hikes to the fabulous forests of Galicia, the groups had two days-Hackmaraton to create their webpage. One of the most interesting activities we have done was painting a mural outside of Youth Activity House of Pontevedra  with local people about traditional Galician dancers. In addition to these activities, we were able to participate in a relaxing and creative drawing session that is called Zentangle. 


Every group had an adviser who was a professional web designer to create more consumer friendly and professional looking websites for these local NGOs and projects. Seeing and being on the factory floor of the website creation process made us realize how hard and meticulous the job is while showing us that it is not impossible to create your own webpage, all you need to do is be curious and patient. Thanks to them, we were able to create functioning and informative four different websites for them. 


Mixing technology and meeting the needs of local people couldn't be done any better. As Awesome People, we feel honored and privileged to be able to participate with our five Swedish participants and one our group leader. 

The project was implemented by Ticket2Europe and funded by Spanish National Agency Injuve under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.


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