Critical Escape


Start date: 2018-08-01

End date: 2019-12-31

Location: Sweden, Estonia

"Tilda and Lycka involved in the project Critical Escape had just finished up the work with our very first educational escape room about diabetes. The idea to create a room about diabetes came from Tilda who has the disease and wanted to teach other people what to do when someone gets acute hypoglycemia. While working with the room Lycka had learned a lot and while finishing up the work in the office, what happens? Tilda gets acute hypoglycemia! Good thing that Lycka had all the information she needed on what to do so everything worked out in the end. It is such a concrete example of how educational escape rooms actually can save lives"


To empower young people from various backgrounds to develop critical thinking and raise the level of their involvement in the community life through participating in educational escape room created and implemented by young people


  • To create cooperation bonds between initiating organizations and local communities in our regions/countries

  • To promote active involvement in the community life of young people with fewer opportunity background

  • To empower youth groups and young people by giving them an opportunity to participate in escape room activities

  • To promote critical thinking and protective factors preventing destructive behavior through making events in and with the local community

For the escape room toolkits, we created in the project download below

The Office
Changing A Life
Can You Save The Person
Alexander's Case
Communication Breakdown