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In 2014 we participated in our first Erasmus+ projects with the wish to create some good partnerships. Little did we know that not only would we get awesome partnerships but also a family.
Throughout the years we have been lucky to learn a lot from our partners to keep improving our game and also get friends for life.


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Awesome People is a registered local Eurodesk office (a youth information point) with the aim to inspiring young people to fulfill their potential by informing them about mobility opportunities and encourage them to become active citizens. In this work we collaborate with the Swedish National Agency for Youth and Civil Society (MUCF) and other Eurodesk offices in Sweden and in Europe. Contact us if you want information on youth opportunities in EU!

We are a founding member and board member of Shokkin Group International Network, with the mission to improve the quality of youth work and education in Europe by providing a platform for the development and exchange of tools and expertise and foster reliable partnerships among grassroots youth organizations in order to achieve a positive social impact.

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