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Our youth-dedicated organization is devoted to a lot of different causes. Our everyday work consists in acting to raise awareness over young people on subjects as xenophobia, LGBTphobia but also climate change and citizenship. To do so, we create education materials such as board games or educational escape rooms. We use them in Swedish schools but also for Erasmus+ youth exchanges and trainings.

What is an educational escape room?


An escape room is a game in which participants have to solve puzzles using different types of clues, in a specific amount of time. An educational escape room is based on this same process, the only difference is that the subject and puzzles are designed to make people reflect and question their belief and knowledge of the theme.

But why?


Our goal is to show that youngsters can learn a lot about themselves and about the others through these non-formal activities. Each game aimed to lead to a discussion where participants can share about their experience regarding the subject, or give their feelings and impressions about it. They are always guided on this path by an Awesome Game master.


To sum up, our goal is to empower young people, to make them feel awesome and, together, we can create a better world for each and everyone. 


We run projects locally, nationally, and internationally hoping they will have a positive societal impact. Our focus is experiential learning, a coaching mindset, and trying new things!

Our five cornerstones


Be Brilliant


Be the best you in all you do. Develop your competence. Strive to be brilliant.


Be Brave


Have the courage to do what you want to do, go outside your comfort zone, strive to be brave


Be Different


Be creative and think outside the box, feel that it's okay to be different


Be Yourself


Develop your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness, be always true to yourself


Be Awesome


Strive to implement our cornerstones and you will be and feel awesome - Better yet - make other people be and feel awesome and the awesomeness will reflect back on you as well!

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