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The start of my journey in Sweden !

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

It's been almost 4 months since I started my volunteering to Sweden.

I'm enjoying my stay here so far and I'm experiencing new exciting things that I had never done before.

Coming here to sweden allowed me to discover the scandivanian culture and to see new ways of doing things that I never have considered in my own hometown.

This is the northernmost site I had ever been to. I experienced here the coldest temperature in my life, the feeling of waking up and seeing everything white from the snow around you for days and weeks, the need of really dressing well for the weather, the fog that turns any place into a fairytale scene, seeing deers in your own garden, seeing a frozen lake, the slippery ice...

After these months , I learned couple of things that I would consider if I started over again, like coming prepared with a good pair of waterproof shoes and a nice warm coat, or being more careful with the slippery ice...

If you are planning to start your journey in Sweden, you will find here a very beautiful country full of nature and lovely people.

Lycka till!

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