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åäö 30 Ocak

Swedish is not that hard language to pronounce for me. It is easy because the sounds exist in Turkish,but in a different way:

ä = e

å = o

o= u

u= ü

ö= ö

But that doesn't mean it is not confusing. Like how K and ä come together then become Ş or sh in English.

Come on, that's not how ş works.

K and Ö together make şö? and then “köp” becomes /şöp/ which is "shop” in English???

This language is cursed, I swear.

But also there is this one pronunciation thing that they have. Saying goodbye in Swedish ”hej då” and when you ask a Swedish person how you pronounce this world they say /hei o:/ but then they pronounce it as /hey do:a/ when they use it. But I've asked them, okay? If it is just /o:/ or /o:a/ but no, they ask its /o:/ then continue say /o:a/

All in all don’t trust Swedish people

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