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Vad är PiFbase international?

PiFbase International is a 2.5 years strategic partnership between three youth organisations in Finland, Romania and Sweden. This long-term collaboration happens between March 2017- August 2020.


Our main goal is to improve the quality of youth work through an innovative method called PiFbase – Pay it Forward Be a Social Entrepreneur.


We use coaching as the central tool and we strongly believe in social inclusion and celebration of diversity.


We’re happy that you’ve decided to visit us – please browse our site to discover more about the project.


Objective 1:

professionalise 6 youth workers from 3 countries to use coaching in their practice, particularly when working with diversity and inclusion

Objective 2:

create space for 12 youth workers from 3 countries to share their good practices and know-how about working with underrepresented groups of youngsters

Objective 3:

create a set of handbooks and visual materials that will support youth workers’ personal and professional development

Objective 4:

improve capacity building, management and collaboration skills within the 3 partner organisations

Objective 5:

increase the 3 partner organisations’ ability to work with underrepresented groups through promotion of social entrepreneurship

Objective 6:

 improve the 3 organisations’ strategies and methods related to high quality youth work and to establishing connections within the local community.

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