Solidarity Project: To Be A Person Is To Be A Story

Funded by European Solidarity Corps through the National Agency for Youth and Civil Society (MUCF) and local funds from Örebro municipality and Örebro region through Ung Peng Örebro.

Our aim of the project was to reduce discrimination and prejudices against people connected to different labels and stereotypes and increase awareness of these people's situation and broaden the perspectives of people’s identity and story.
The project started because a group of young people attended the youth exchange “To be a person is to be a story” with Awesome People in September 2018 in Santiago de Compostela hosted and coordinated by the NGO Ticket2Europe. The youth exchange was about storytelling and as final event the participants of the youth exchange got to organize a Human Library. The team from Sweden was very inspired to do a similar thing in Örebro and the idea for the solidarity project was created.
In our solidarity project we have collected 100 stories from people living in Örebro and spread them in our social media. We also had all the stories as an exhibition during our human library event and also for three weeks in the city library.
We implemented a human library at Örebro castle where we had living books, the exhibition and discussions.

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