Awesome People was founded in 2013 in Örebro and works with active learning, innovative
projects and development of new methods and tools to strengthen people, especially young people
learning activity at a time - for people to be able to create a better world for themselves, for
others and for the planet.


With us, you can participate in socially changing projects locally, regionally, nationally and
internationally. We are a Eurodesk office, which means that we provide information about young people's opportunities
to experience Europe. We are active in the Eramus + program and the European Solidarity Corps there
young people have the opportunity to meet other young people in Europe free of charge through youth exchanges,
training and as a volunteer.

We are the small organization with a big heart and
commitment to a variety of projects and activities to create a better society
and empower individuals locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


Goal Unlocked

Escape The Phobia

Volunteer Budy