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Keys 2 SDG


Start date: 2022-02-01

End date: 2025-02-01

Location: Sweden

The non-profit organization Awesome People in Örebro works with the project "Keys to the
Sustainable Development Goals (Keys to SDGs)" financed by Arvsfonden. The project aims to
increase young people's knowledge of the global goals and Agenda 2030 and inspire them to become active
choices to help achieve the global goals.
In the project, together with young people, we will create a learning escape room for each global goal
- a total of 17 rooms. A learning escape room is an active, team-based game where players discover
clues, solve puzzles and perform various tasks to complete a mission or reach an objective during one
limited time. Awesome People creates learning escape rooms which means players learn about one
subject at the same time as they play and above all in the subsequent reflection of the room. Our room
are also portable which means we can set them up anywhere such as a classroom. IN
project, we will also produce an action brochure. This must be concrete and simple
information about what and how one can do to help achieve the global goals. This for
to increase young people's active involvement.






Project manager




Video Editor

Project coordinator

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